Signal Hill, California Sales Tax Rate

Signal Hill, California's total combined sales tax is 10.25%, in this 10.25% tax has California State 6%, Los Angeles County 0.25% tax, Signal Hill (City) 0.75%, and Special District 3.25% tax. You can check also the tax rate in California state Castroville, California Sales Tax Rate Morro Bay, California Sales Tax Rate Mendota, California Sales Tax Rate Hope you get a rate of accurate information.

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Signal Hill, California Combined Sales Tax 10.25%

Signal Hill, California Tax Rate Details
Signal Hill, California Taxing Jurisdiction Rate
California State 6%
Los Angeles County 0.25%
Signal Hill (City) 0.75%
Special District 3.25%
Signal Hill, California Combined Sales Tax: 10.25%

Note: latest updated the Signal Hill, California sales tax rate this year from the California Department of Revenue. Do you have any confusion? you can search on google.